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Frequently Asked Questions | Ask Uphill Industries | Let me tell you something..


I don't know what to buy
Luck is on your side, my friend. We make super great things for people who like bikes and you can buy all of it at a reasonable cost. 
The advice, it's free. Order one of everything. 

I just bought something awesome. How quickly will it ship? 
Most items ship within 48 hours, but some sizes/colors may require additional processing time up to 3-5 days. Usually black shirts and hats ship fastest as it is our most popular colorway. Others are stocked on demand and we promise it'll be worth the extra couple days wait. 

Do you ship internationally? 
Heck yes we do! Add products to your cart and we'll send your fresh new gear all around the globe.

Is it safe to input my credit card to this website? 
It's probably safer than your morning commute. We don't store any of your payment data and only use safe/secure payment processors. We offer ApplePay, ShopifyPay, and Paypal options at checkout.

I somehow made a mistake in the address on my order
First, let's take a minute and relax. You're probably just too dang excited about your super amazing new bike stuff. Second, shoot us an email and we'll see about getting it sorted out. 


I want to exchange or return something, can I do that? 
Not a problem. We want you to smile when you get your Uphill gear. If you need a frown turned upside down, shoot us an email and we'll take care of any issue you experience, guaranteed. Returns, exchanges, and refunds will be no hassle or we'll eat our jerseys. Promise.

Do you offer wholesale for bike shops? 
Email us. We'd love to discuss having our product in your shop. 

Where are you located?
We are in the great state of Texas! More specifically the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

What/Who is Uphill Industries?
A passion project formed from a collective love of bicycles and design. We are cyclists who play 'bike and find' for new graffiti spots to take BAAW pics while trying to achieve top 10 in new strava segments. We ride away the weekend on new adventures and put down watts at as many of the major charity rides in north Texas as we can.